Prices 2022






(1 - 4 people)


2 nights (applies to 1 dome, regardless of the number of people)

Breakfast delivered at your doorstep both days

1 sack of wood for the fire pan

1 person: NOK 4
2 people: NOK 5
3 people: NOK 6
4 people: NOK 7












1 night, without breakfast (1 - 4 people)

Breakfast can be chosen as an addition to the booking (delivered at your doorstep)

Applies to 1 dome, regardless of the number of people

1 person: NOK 2
2 people: NOK 2
3 people: NOK 3
4 people: NOK 3

Additions that can be added to the booking:

Rental of SUP (per piece, 3 hours arrival day) 390 NOK

Wood sack 89 NOK


Food; click here (in Danish) for photos, info and prices


Self-produced apple juice; 0,25 ltr / 0,75 ltr / 3 ltr in self-service farm sale. We can also deliver to the dome if desired.



All surcharges must be pre-booked to ensure availability.

 Inquiries on arrival are welcome but cannot be guaranteed.

We will try to meet needs that arise along the way as best we can.


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