How to get here


If you drive according to GPS: enter Kleppa 22, but be aware that this is the address of our residential house - not the dome itself.



When you take off from the main road there will be signs down to the parking lot.


If you come with more than one car, we ask that you park a maximum of 1 car by the sea, and that the remaining cars are parked around the barn where the gravel road starts.

Stavanger - about 1 hour

Bergen - about 5 hours


Speedboat is a fantastic alternative for transport to Hjelmeland. Enjoy the views of the fjord while you move from A to B.

The route departs from Stavanger, and stops on the way if you are close to other quays.


Get off at the stop "Hjelmeland ferry quay" - about 2 km from us.

We can arrange transport to / from the quay (extra cost) - this must be booked in advance.


Departure times can vary during the year and on the different days of the week.


There are good bus connections to Stavanger, and after the opening of the "Ryfast" tunnel, you are no longer dependent on a ferry to get to Hjelmeland.


Get off at the stop «Kleppakrossen». It is a short walk from the main road, and there is a sign «Kleppa Gard & Glamping».


Be aware of bus changes at Solbakk, and that the waiting time here can vary depending on different departures.


Get in touch if you want to come with your own boat, then we can look at opportunities for this.

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