To ensure our guests a most comfortable stay, we offer food delivered to your door.

All prices include delivery. Unless otherwise agreed, the delivery times are;


Breakfast; at 09.00

Lunch: 13.00:XNUMX

Tapas: 18.00 p.m.



Price per person: 199 NOK

Consisting of;

Cheese / ham / jam / boiled eggs / hot smoked salmon / shrimp / tomato / paprika / cucumber / lettuce / mayonnaise / rolls / crispbread



1) Caesar salad with chicken and feta (w / bread and dressing) 239 NOK

2) Club sandwich (chicken and bacon) 139 NOK

3) Hamburger (salad, cheese, bacon, tomato, onion, dressing, fried potatoes) 249 NOK


TAPAS (minimum 2 people)

A plentiful tapas buffet.

499 NOK per person.


Consisting of;

  - Cheese from the local Ryfylke Gardsysteri

  - Hot smoked salmon from local Mikals salmon

  - Halibut with bacon, halibut from local Sterling

  - Marinated shrimp

  - Lefser with salmon

  - Eggs with aioli

  - Marinated cauliflower bouquets

  - Baked potato boats with herbs

  - Chicken skewers

  - Tapas sausages

  - Lamb buns

  - Apple and tomato salad

  - Broccoli salad

  - Garlic dip / guacamole / focaccia bread



There is a bbq (gas), fire pan and refrigerator available for self catering.



 The taste of Ryfylke (about 3 km)

We are a short distance from the renowned local restaurant "Smaken av Ryfylke".

The restaurant is known for offering fantastic taste experiences, and has a strong focus on using local ingredients.

Seasonal dishes are offered, and the menu varies from season to season.

For more information; see their Facebook page for more info.

 Table reservations are recommended and must be made directly to the restaurant.


Pizzabakeren Hjelmeland (about 3 km)


Utsikten Motel (approx. 1 km)


YX - Gas station with food service (approx. 2 km)



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